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Are You Ready For Easter?

Being Prepared

By Rex Goode


I was in a store yesterday to buy something. At the checkout, laid all around were Easter treats like Peeps and Cadbury Eggs. The friendly cashier greeted me warmly, and with feeling asked me, “Are You Ready For Easter?”

I was a little surprised at the question. My children are all grown. The married ones with children will probably have treats for their children. The two single ones still live with us. My wife will probably set out a small basket with candy they can take from. Without small children waking up in the house, the secular Easter traditions don’t mean much around here.

I know that as a child, the idea of the Easter Bunny showing up to leave me a colorful basket full of green plastic “grass” with hidden candies and hard-boiled eggs, was almost as exciting as waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas morning. Halloween was OK, but a lot of work.

As I paused a moment to ponder the cashier’s question, she waved her hand over the brightly colored confections for sale. I realized that her question was part of her sales pitch. Now, I don’t want to misjudge the poor young woman.  She may just be a believer who is doing her job. This isn’t about her.

After I left the store, I went to another. I overheard the conversation between that cashier and the woman in line ahead of me. The cashier said, “You have a wonderful day!”

The customer said, “Thank you. Happy Easter!”

The cashier looked a little stunned, and with less enthusiasm said, “Happy Easter.”

I had a feeling that the customer felt that Easter was something other than the secular traditions that have been attached to it. It is that way for me.

For me, a happy Easter is any Easter where I can feel close to the Savior. The events of those days when Jesus was arrested, tried, executed, and arose are of more importance to me than anything else I’ve ever encountered. It is more important to me than the events we celebrate at Christmas.

On that Easter day so long ago, the Son of God overcame death by rising from the grave. The tomb could not hold him. He came forth and as a result, not one of us who has ever been born will be held by the grave either. All will be resurrected.

Even more than that, for me, Easter holds the promise that because He lives, I can expect to see him again. When the clerk asked me if I was ready for Easter, my thoughts went to whether I was ready to go to church the next day, sing in the choir, direct the music in Sacrament Meeting, give a lesson on the atonement, and try to feel the Spirit.

Beyond that, I pondered whether I was ready for Jesus to return in glory to the earth. I’ve often been in conversations with Latter-day Saints who refer to the Second Coming by saying that they hope it is not happening soon because they aren’t ready. I appreciate the sentiment. In so many respects, very few of us are ready, if any.

However, I don’t tend to hope that he delays His coming. My idea of readiness is not so strict as others seem to hold. For me, readiness for the Second Coming means that I am ready to recognize Him because I have spent my days on this earth getting to know Him.

Getting to know him, in my way of thinking, is a process that involves prayer, scripture study, singing hymns, and serving others. To me, the last of this list is the most important. I have long been aware that when I serve another, I serve Him. When I get to know another, I get to know Him (Matthew 25:31–46).

In none of these imperatives am I perfect. I have so much more to learn. I have so much more that I still want to do before He comes again.

Yet, for me, I believe in my heart that if He were to come today, this very Easter day, I would not be afraid. The thought of it does not scare me even now. I would welcome it.

I share the sentiment of the apostle John, who closed his Revelation with this thought:

He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus (Revelation 22:20).

I say with him, “Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

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  1. Barbara Goode said:

    I thought your post was wonderful, and I agree totally!
    some years ago Rex and I were at a workshop in SLC . It was one on marriage and communication, I think. We were asked to face each other and pretend that this was our last day of life. For 5 or 10 minutes we were to talk to each other as if this was the last 10 minutes we would see each other.
    I’ll ALWAYS remember what we said. We looked into each other’s eyes (Rex has the most beautiful green eyes), and amazingly, we said at the same time ” ‘ Love you, See you later!”…We both broke out in smiles and a slight chuckle!!

    I’m sure that the trust and respect that is between us is shown in our everyday lives together . To me it’s like taking a test; if you’ve studied all along, there is no need to “cram” and panic. Make NO mistake, and understand that our marriage is not perfect! I do things to irritate him constantly….(It’s fun ; ) ), He is as stubborn and annoying in many ways as he ever was. He’s ….well, he’s a “Rex” a creature unique in all the world…and he’s MY Rex! and I know when one of us is taken from this life we’ll say even then “I Love you, see you later!”
    I know that this is a glorious thing to look forward to because Our Savior promised a resurrection as a part of a Great PLan…and He, Himself led the way! How grateful am I for His empty tomb on that third day! Barb

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