…the parched land shall become a pool, and the thirsty lands springs of water…(Isaiah 35:7)

Thoughts of the Soul

by Tom Hampton (Used by permission) In my life, there are times of sadness and times of joy. In my life, there are friends abound and loneliness. In my life, there is great light and darkness. In my life, there are two people and then they are one. My soul reaches for home in the […]

Cometh This Blessedness

Written in 1995 I have been truly blessed this week to have the opportunity to teach Seminary. Our Seminary teacher moved away suddenly leaving us without an instructor. I was asked to substitute for two weeks while the bishopric found someone permanent. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Blameless and Harmless

One Saturday evening after a long day taking the family to a museum and the zoo, I was exhausted and wanted just to think about someone else’s problems. After a nap, I settled down on the sofa to watch a movie the children had started. My wife wanted to give the boys haircuts before Church […]

How Love Grows

Written in 1996 An answer to those who think that a man who struggles with same-sex attraction can’t love a woman. A tribute to my wife, Barbara. Much is being said these days about the supposed inability for a happy union between a homosexual man and a heterosexual woman. This unfortunately assumes that basic physical […]

Hath Been My Support

A reflection of the support I have received through the years, especially a testimony of the marvelous power of Christ. Written in 1996, this essay is a little out of date with my life, but I can’t seem to lose it. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Why Do Some Not Recover?

This question, to some most horrible, rings in the ears and is cried out of the hurting soul like the moaning cry of the deeply wounded in the night. Yet, it brings no relief; for self-pity is just another form of that evil we refer to as pride. It is pride that keeps us from […]

Why Do I Call Myself an Addict?

By Joseph (used by permission) From my discussions with other “addicts” in various locations around the world, accepting the idea of an “addiction” to pornography is a very common misgiving of priesthood leaders, because it seems to contravene agency. Following are some relevant quotes from apostles and prophets, and some of my feelings about why […]

Whom Seekest Thou?

When I, like Mary Magdalene, am asked, “Whom seekest thou?”, I hope to be found seeking the same risen Lord that she sought.

Who I Think We Are

As I have pondered throughout my life how I came by the challenge of being attracted to members of the same sex, I have searched for some meaning or purpose in it. Considering how strongly the leaders of the Church have consistently spoken against acting on these attractions, I have needed to reconcile my beliefs […]

Where Are the Nine?

At the feast that is life, some people come to the table only to eat and not to serve. Many things are there of which to partake, but no food is quite so sweet as the joy of serving. As the banquet is laid before us, we often take no thought for those who clean, […]

Understanding, Helping and Loving a Pornography Addict

As I learned these concepts, they changed my life and my marriage for the better. I felt very strongly that I should write down what I learned so I could share them with others who are struggling with the same pain. I know that in some serious situations, this essay will not help, but for […]

Understanding Our Value

In the Mormon culture, we use the term “worthy” in reference to whether a person can pass a minimum set of questions about their beliefs and behavior in order to qualify them for certain ordinances and priveleges, such as going to the temple and being advanced in the priesthood. Be the first to like. Like […]


A review of Lloyd C. Douglas’ The Robe by Stephen Rex Goode Lloyd C. Douglas The Robe Copyright 1942, Lloyd C. Douglas April 199, Houghton Mifflin Company< Paperback, 508 pages Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Transcript From a Presentation

There are three pillars of addiction: lies, isolation, and self-hatred. Twelve step programs, assisting church leaders in their tasks, work to break down the three pillars of addiction by turning addicts to God in complete honesty, in a fellowship of empathetic and unconditionally loving friends.

Trail of Memories

Eagle Creek Trail Stephen Rex Goode Recently, I went hiking up the Eagle Creek trail that leads to Wahtum Lake. It had been about five years since I was on that trail. It holds so many memories for me that I can barely even think about it without reminiscing about something. Eagle Creek flows out […]