…the parched land shall become a pool, and the thirsty lands springs of water…(Isaiah 35:7)


Hello. My name is Rex Goode and this is my little corner of cyberspace. I call it “Springs of Water” after the seventh verse of the thirty-fifth chapter of Isaiah, where Isaiah tells us that “the thirsty land [would become] springs of water.”My life has been one of many paradoxes. I have lived both in the scorching desert of sin and in the vertile vales of tranquil peace. Within these pages, you will discover more about that, but for now, highlights will suffice.

In the summer of the year I turned sixteen, I had a prayer experience where I wrestled with God, much like Jacob of old. I obtained a promise from God that he would help me to bring my life back to being consistent with the teachings of his Church.

When I refer to the “Church” in these pages, I am referring to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which I am a believing member.

Over the many, many years since that covenant, or two-way promise, between God and me, I have dealt with challenges as they came along. Challenges do not stop when we commit our lives and obedience to God. Often, the real challenges begin then. It was so with me.

I have been aided in those challenges, for the greater part of my adult life, by my wife, who is my partner, companion, lover, and best friend.

The year of 1999 has been a year of transition for us. After having moved most of the way across the United States from where we called home for over twenty years, I found myself faced with the opportunity to change my life and do some of the things I had always dreamed of doing.

I found out that the company which brought me across the country had decided to lay me off, and in so doing, also planned to provide for a transition period, possibly into a new career.

With my coworker and friend, Randy Boring, I attended classes in Web Development present at The Web Academy and Westlake Internet Training. There, I learned the basics of programming and creating web pages. I highly recommend this course.

I put this site in place in 1999. For many years, it has been the my main site for content that is intended to help a wide varity of people.

Throughout my often tumultuous life, I have learned some very important lessons. Most of all, I have learned that it isn’t all that unusual for a person of faith to struggle with large and looming questions, such as the ones I have faced.

To those who face life with honesty, integrity, and faith, this site is dedicated. I hope that all who come here will have their spirits lifted.


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