…the parched land shall become a pool, and the thirsty lands springs of water…(Isaiah 35:7)


I’m thinking quite a bit about graduations this week. My niece just graduated from High School on Wednesday. Hard to believe the baby I held in my arms ┬ábefore I left for my mission is going to be a freshman in college studying nursing. I guess it’s pretty obvious I’m proud of my niece. Her […]

O Sweet the Joy this Sentence Gives…

…I know that my redeemer lives. It’s always been a favorite hymn of mind and last night or early this morning as I reflected on the text it seemed an answer to prayer. 4 people like this post. Like Unlike

New and Old Things at SpringsOfWater

In the ten years this site has been up, it’s gone through a lot of changes. The invention of blogs and the availability of free blog software has really put the site on the map. Before, getting to stuff was difficult. 3 people like this post. Like Unlike

Look to God and Live

Sometimes I am a slow learner. Sometimes? Maybe actually quite a lot of the time. There are times when I’m so sure of what the answer will be and know that it’s going to be really complicated to get to the correct end result. This week I had such an experience. And you know what? […]

The Quiet of Christ

Some days are really terrific and really exhausting. Some days are just really awful and exhausting and leave you feeling really down and even depressed. Then there are days that offer both kinds of exhaustion and it’s hard to know what to make of them. It is at such times when I really long for […]

And hope renewed

I wrote this about an event happened a few months ago. But as I think about it, the ideas of persevering and enduring to the end as well as finding hope are still relevant. We live in a world where we have to work hard and sweat and toil, and sometimes it seems the fruit […]

Reaping What I Have Sown

I always feel sad when I come to the realization that some people who have called themselves friends were doing little more than tolerating me. Tolerance is a good thing, but I really prefer to be liked. 2 people like this post. Like Unlike