…the parched land shall become a pool, and the thirsty lands springs of water…(Isaiah 35:7)


The prophet Isaiah said that in the wilderness, water would break out, that streams would flow in the desert, that the parched land would become a pool, and that the thirsty land would become springs of water. As with other prophetic utterances, such statements not only have global significance, but also are applicable to the lives of individuals.

People of faith are often misunderstood when judged by their lives. Though we may believe in God and have faith in a divine standard, our behavior is not always completely consistent with the things we believe. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of behavior, but of having challenges that make us seem different. The standard we seek is a destination and we are still on the journey.

As Job, in the Old Testament, was viewed by his contemporaries as having somehow earned his trials and afflictions, people who deal with difficult trials in this life, are often viewed as having brought upon themselves their own curse. While we often do earn consequences for our behavior, many afflictions in life are merely a matter of circumstance, birth, or the bad behavior of others. Even when we do bring calamity upon ourselves, we should not believe that God wishes us ill.

“Springs of Water” is a resource for people who have seen water spring up in their otherwise thirsty lives. It is a place of thanksgiving and of praise for the blessings of God in the midst of difficult trials.

Welcome! May you find water for your parched soul in this place.

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