Ruth and Esther - A Mailing List for LDS Women Affected by Sexual Abuse


Ruth and Esther is a mailing list for women who have had to deal with
sexual abuse in their lives. The list is geared to LDS
(Mormon) women, but we welcome women of all faiths who have been affected by sexual abuse,
whether it happened to them or to a friend or family member. In creating this list, we
wanted to establish a safe place where women who have been affected by this issue can
gather to discuss our common experiences and draw strength from one another.

To learn what prompted us to start this list, please read
The Story of Ruth and Esther.
Before subscribing to the list, please read our charter.



The list is fully moderated by Susan Anderson. To subscribe, please send a
message to Anonymous posting is
available upon request, although it is suggested that those wishing to remain anonymous obtain a free, anonymous email address using Yahoo, Hotmail, Iname or Juno. The moderators are the only ones who need ever see a member's
email address. Email addresses and other personal information are held in strictest

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