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Clinging To a Testimony When Members Are Clawing at You

Dealing With The Human Mormon

By Rex Goode


I’ve had my share, and maybe more, of members who are so assured of their own righteousness that they see nothing wrong with trying to wrench me from my testimony. I marvel at whatever thought processes might lead a person in authority to treat one of their flock as a wolf. I’m fortunate to be one of the most stubborn people around. Push me and I stand my ground.

I remember one time when I showed up at Church as a youth, not having been there for three years. No one knew me, but I bore my testimony and promised I was there to stay, like a prodigal son returning home.

A member of the high council followed me to Sunday School class and asked for the floor. The teacher gave it to him. He preached a mini-sermon reminding everyone, particularly me, that the prodigal son of the parable was welcomed by his father, but that he had no inheritance coming to him. If I hadn’t already promised God, I would have walked out and not come back.I read a post recently on another blog that has really given me much to think about on this topic. Rather than pontificate any farther, I’ll invite you to go read it.

“I left the church because I found out all the history that they never taught.”

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3 Responses to “Clinging To a Testimony When Members Are Clawing at You”

  1. Ross said:

    I remember an experience like this. I trusted my father growing up. I believed everything he did was for my own good and that I deserved all of the insults and violence I received. I remember figuring out that he wasn’t perfect, after I had left home. I ended up in a bishop’s office bawling and incoherent. I couldn’t figure out at the time exactly why I was so upset. I was upset because I had been a fool and trustingly accepted the abuse.

    My father loved me, he wasn’t a monster. I understand the truth about him now and love him. He did the best he could and he did try. Sadly I’ve become the same father. The sins of the fathers really are visited upon the heads of the children unto the third and fourth generations. Maybe my grandchildren will have a chance.

    Forgive my confessional, I just needed to let that out.

    I agree with one of the comments on that web page. Those who leave the church are those who were not blessed with a connection to the Spirit and a relationship with God. It is our job as parents to give our children that. If we do, we can fail at everything else and it won’t matter in the end.

  2. Ross said:

    Oh, and Rex, that high councilman was an ass. There was no love in his message. Council or criticism without love is worse than useless.

  3. Rex Goode said:

    Thanks for the comments, Ross, and for the confessional. 🙂

    I write what I write hoping to evoke feelings, so I appreciate you opening yours up.

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