…the parched land shall become a pool, and the thirsty lands springs of water…(Isaiah 35:7)

Tears at Parting

By Rex Goode


My wife and I recently returned from a trip to California to visit our daughter, her husband, and their children. My grandchildren are all beautiful and sweet. I wish we lived closer. Our other grandchildren who live close to us are also wonderful. We get to see them more often. We get to see our other children more often.When I was young, I remember visiting my mother’s family in Arizona. There had been some rifts in the family now and then, but my mother forgave easily and we visited them often. We also had an aunt in British Columbia. There was one in Texas, but we didn’t know where. I didn’t know much about the schism in that part of the family.

While I have many memories of my visits to my extended family, one thing that stands out is the family penchant for breaking into tears just before we piled into the car to drive away. I contrasted that with my stepfather’s family, who lived in the same town. When they parted, there were no tears. My stepfather kissed his mother and we all waved goodbye.

I liked my step-grandmother a lot. She was very kind to me. I always looked forward to seeing her. My stepfather’s sister was fun too. They all had an odd accent, Texan I think, and I liked the way they talked. There was a different feeling there, though. My mom’s family was definitely more mushy.

My stepfather’s family, who didn’t seem particularly religious, never cried. At my step-grandmother’s funeral, I was a mess. I felt out of place with my tears. Everyone was taking it so well.

I found it odd, because I assumed that because my mother’s family were all Latter-day Saints with our belief in eternal families, that we would cry at parting. I thought, “Even if we don’t make it back here before someone dies, we can always see them in the celestial kingdom.”

At our recent visit to our daughter, when we parted, my wife and daughter cried. I didn’t, but I’m the man, right? So, I think I understand this phenomenon now. Even with a belief that our family relationships will last forever, I think we just enjoy each other so much when we’re nearby that we cry over it having to end and go back to the drudgery of our lives.

I know I’ll have my family forever. I’m just a little disappointed that the nature of mortal life keeps us apart so much. If I could, I’d forget about working, and just travel to see my family.

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  1. Ross said:

    Not being able to see family is a very sad thing. I see my own wife and children who I live with far too little.

  2. Imperfect01 said:

    Yes, this was great. Reminds me that I will always have my family also. I’m so grateful for the gospel and its truths and thanks for posting this

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