…the parched land shall become a pool, and the thirsty lands springs of water…(Isaiah 35:7)

To the Spouse of a Sex Addict

By Duane Call Used By Permission To the spouse of a Sex Addict (a Child of God who is addicted to Sex in any way), I do not know your name and that is unimportant. What is important is that I hope I can help you to understand a little bit about your spouse’s problem. […]

To the Sexual Addict

by Duane Call Used by permission To the Sexual Addict (a Child of God who is addicted to Sex in any way) I do not know you and I do not need to know you to write these things to you. I myself have experienced the pain, agony, frustration, guilt, anger (sometimes at God), and […]

To Hope and Quietly Wait

All three kingdoms in immortality are called “kingdoms of glory” and to listen to the descriptions of them, even the lower two seem appealing. I recall many years ago attending a fireside where a speaker in an informal setting did a seminar that was a spiritualization of goal setting. Not having ever been adept at […]

To Be Content

When I was interviewed recently for a local news station in the Salt Lake City area, the thing that the interviewer seemed to find most incredible was my assertion that I am a happily married man who is also homosexual. He seemed to be truly amazed that such a person could exist. His questions seemed […]

Thoughts of the Soul

by Tom Hampton (Used by permission) In my life, there are times of sadness and times of joy. In my life, there are friends abound and loneliness. In my life, there is great light and darkness. In my life, there are two people and then they are one. My soul reaches for home in the […]

Things That Addiction Has Taught Me About My Marriage

By Tyler Swenson I am trying to find lasting recovery from addiction (what type of addiction is unimportant- pick your poison, as they say), yet my wife seems to continue to hold onto her anger and hurt and will not “let it go” and forgive. This has, until recently, been a great stumbling block for […]

There Is No Other Way

A poem by Josesph R. Henderson Why did we believe that wicked man When he told us there was no other way? His way was alluring, appealing, subversive. We chewed our lower lip and said, “o.k., if you insist.” Yet even in our innocence we knew That he and truth had long since parted company. […]

The Value of Confession

When we speak of confession, we tend to think of it in its narrowest sense, which is that of laying out our sins before church authorities or before God. I believe that the principle of confession speaks of a way of life rather than scattered acts of submission to ecclesiastical and divine authority. Be the […]

The People That Walked in Darkness

Ever since Adam and Eve “heard the voice of Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden,”(Genesis 3:8) humans have shown a natural propensity to vainly hide from God. Despite its […]

The Bitter and the Sweet

Same-sex attraction was hell when all the feelings and emotions I experienced were wrapped up in a desire for intimacy with men and when every word that proceeds from God’s chosen servants told me I must not indulge those feelings. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

The Beast Within Me

A poem by Del (used with permission) A fleeting glimpse of shapely flesh Sets my blood to boil. Why was it needful to wire me thus; That I suffer this curs’ed turmoil? The flirts and smiles of feminine wiles Insults my struggling will. How shall I be free of such control, And this beast within […]

That Which Doth Cost Me Nothing

A friend of mine wrote: That was quite literally a revelation. I had no idea, and the thought blew me away. I realized that I had not even taken sufficient ownership and responsibility for my life. In fact, I hated my life, didn’t want it, especially the part about same-sex attraction. It was disappointing, but […]


A poem by Amy (used by permission) Sparks Though the darkness is deep And the mists swirl and blind, I have an advantage, A wonderful find. My sparks in my hands Create just enough light To show me my path Past humanity’s blight. I found them myself. No, I don’t know quite where, And, no, […]

Shall See the Salvation

Being at peace while working at life. When Jesus came in the meridian of time, a priveleged few were permitted to see his miraculous arrival. How I have envied those special witnesses who saw that sweet little face and gazed at him. Those wise men came to worship the Son of the Highest in lowly […]

Shall See My Face

Seeking the presence of Christ through charity. It has long been a desire of my heart to see the face of the Savior and know beyond the already firm knowledge of testimony that he lives. I desire with all my heart to be held by those strong arms, see that most beautiful of faces, and […]