…the parched land shall become a pool, and the thirsty lands springs of water…(Isaiah 35:7)

Thoughts of the Soul

By Rex Goode


by Tom Hampton (Used by permission)

In my life, there are times of sadness and times of joy.
In my life, there are friends abound and loneliness.
In my life, there is great light and darkness.
In my life, there are two people and then they are one.
My soul reaches for home in the stars with my Father and my body mires in the earth with the devil.
I am two yet am I one, the spirit within and the body with out.
One a slave, one a master and yet I choose .
This day I choose to be a slave to sin and yet I starve for Light.
This day I cry inside and yearn to dance with light for I know that I am loved.
I beg at the feet of my Immortal Savior that soon He will be my Master for all eternity, no doubts no regrets.
I grow a little each day as I die a little each day.
My time here is brief and yet the eternities hinge on my every action.
I am a Son of God, learning, growing. Falling and standing up again.
I am scared and yet my spirit knows no fear.
I have stepped through the looking glass and turned round to see the other side of me.
I am weak and with humility I will be strong.
I thank my Lord for the trials I walk, they let me know that I am alive and Loved.
I seek peace now as I rebirth my soul into a new and kinder being.
Today I know that I walk no longer alone and the light beams brightly into blind eyes that feel the love and open the song of my heart.
I will sing hosannas the days of my remainder, for at last I know that through Atonement I can go home.

Tom Hampton

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