…the parched land shall become a pool, and the thirsty lands springs of water…(Isaiah 35:7)

There Is No Other Way

By Rex Goode


A poem by Josesph R. Henderson

Why did we believe that wicked man
When he told us there was no other way?
His way was alluring, appealing, subversive.
We chewed our lower lip and said, “o.k., if you insist.”
Yet even in our innocence we knew
That he and truth had long since parted company.

Why won’t we believe the second man
When He shows us the real other way?
His way is simple, plain, and clear.
We shut our eyes and say, “too easy to be true.”
We won’t let Him our innocence renew,
As we and truth have long since parted company.

When finally we see that our path
Is a choice
Like when Frost’s “two roads diverged in a wood,”
We learn that we have gone astray
And wasted our choice by
Believing that there was no other way.

So to our Saviour’s altar we turn
Asking him to show us his narrow path and
Offering our free will to Him,
The only real gift that we can give.
We beg, “Help us take your less traveled road,
“For now we know there is no other way.”

Copyright 1999, Joseph R. Henderson. Used by permission.

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