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Rapid Eye Therapy and Releasing Addictions

By Rex Goode


Kim Mack, RET (used by permission)

Rapid Eye Therapy (RET) is an effective method to releasing addictive patterns in about 12-sessions. What follows are some ways RET assists the client in this process.


When a client first abused their “drug of choice” it had a numbing, distracting effect. They may have felt better, less lonely, more in control, more confident, sexier, more intelligent, etc. Or they may have just found relief from the negative feelings they have been so accustomed to. As these behaviors persisted, the client began to pay a physical, emotional, and spiritual price for the behavior.

Physically, the body adjusts and embraces the “drug of choice”. The body actually shuts down on some levels, allowing these external stimuli to take over or to attempt to create a balance. What this means to the body is that it eventually believes it needs this pattern to continue, to remain normal. Physiologically, the body moves into “survival mode” and begins to focus on obtaining and using the “drug of choice.”

Emotionally, the person begins to spend more and more energy on the process or the pattern. It takes part in the belief of “need” and there is now a frantic roller coaster ride.

Spiritually, addiction leads to bankruptcy. The client may truly believe they are hopeless in overcoming and managing this pattern. RET can assist the client in the facilitation of rediscovering their higher self.

RET can help the client to gain information concerning their patterns. Many times the client does not understand how patterns are created and then reinforced. RET will educate the client about patterns and their resulting addictions, and thus the client’s mind will become their ally, as opposed to their enemy.

RET can help to utilize a “whole-istic” process of change. Patterns are first created in our mental/emotional bodies. If the energy remains in these fields long enough, it will become strong enough to manifest in the physical body. Once the addictions are physically created, it will take the physical, emotional and mental repatterning to change the process. RET utilizes all of these parts.


In Rapid Eye Therapy, REM sleep processing is simulated. During REM sleep, the eyes are rapidly moving and fluttering. In Rapid Eye an eye-directing device used by a technician is moved rapidly in all the Neuro-Linguistic Programming modalities. This movement assists the client to simulate REM sleep. We believe the movement of the eye-directing device (wand) is picked up visually by the client and a message is sent to the brain that REM sleep is occurring.

This natural process is enhanced and directed by verbal cues from the technician to release any physical, emotional or mental stress. The combination of these processes produces a powerful release. There are many safeguards built into the model to keep the client from releasing too fast. The conscious mind, which is disengaged during REM sleep, is awake during RET and able to make new choices and connections. It says in effect, “Oh, that kept me alive when I was five years old, but I don’t need it now,” and the mind makes a new choice to let it go. The process goes very deep into cellular memory and releases core issues. For most people there is resolution in each session. This process can be life changing.


This, of course, varies according to the technician in your area. The range is from about $70 – 125 per session, as an average. Keep in mind that you will likely not need more than 12 sessions, and this can result in life-long changes. When you ask yourself if you’d be willing to spend $1200 to rid yourself of addiction, it seems a small price.


You can go to http://www.rapideye.org/ and find one in your area.


RET has been known to assist in physical healing, stress-related anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, resistance to change, chronic fatigue and anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, insomnia, potential suicide, guilt and shame, relationship problems, perceived religious abuse, spiritual awakenings, multiple personalities, troubled youth, children with anger, chronic unemployment, teenage fear and anxiety, etc.


Raul had a $100-a-day cocaine habit that developed out of an addiction to a prescription drug after an injury sustained a car wreck. He was often in pain and felt the need for something to make him feel “right.” He knew he was hooked and could see how the cocaine was affecting his work, his marriage, and his self-esteem. Besides guilt, he felt a deep underlying feeling of worthlessness that was spiraling down into depression. He had a sense of helplessness that was consuming him. His wife, Maria, had received four sessions of RET and convinced him to try it. In his first session, Raul found he … was able to let go of the cocaine rather easily. It surprised him how easily he could stop. RET assisted him in releasing the negative emotions associated with the addiction. RET … helped him change the beliefs and behaviors that had kept him using cocaine. RET will allow a client to lose the emotional dependence on the substance or behavior…


There is a web site: http://www.rapideyetechnology.com/, or you can email the author of this article:

Kim Mack, RET
Ogden UT

(FYI: She charges $90 per session She works well with addiction, same-sex attraction, and other related issues)

  • Some material taken from RET web site and RET publication “Focusing on Addictions.”

Kim Mack, RET


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